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Address: 1619 Chiltern-Rutherglen Road

Rutherglen Vic 3685

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Christobelle ready to fill up some new barrelsVintage is over for another year, and we're very happy with how our 2017 wines are looking!

The grapes are picked, fermented & pressed, but the vintage winemaking work is not quite complete yet. The big job in May is to take all our 2016 reds out of barrel and put the 2017s in. This might sound simple, but because we work with such small individual batches, it is always a juggling act getting it all to work out right. For example, we can't have 2 and a half barrels of something, so it is like a big puzzle where you have to fill up a certain number of 220L, 300L & 480L barrels with different volumes of individual wines, without combining any wines to achieve this, and without having too much left over. And then you have to consider the age of the barrels each wine goes into too, as that has a big impact on the finished wine (newer oak = more flavour).

I think I deserve a prize when I work it out!! Certainly a (large) glass of wine anyway!