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STDur13Our new release 2013 Storyteller Durif is a special wine - not only because of all the awards it has won, but because of the story behind the label.

Our Storyteller label is in honour of our multi-generational family pet, Cocky. Cocky was a Major Mitchell Cockatoo who was born in 1940, and died in 2013.
Over the course of his 73 years, he knew 4 generations of our family, and had a lot of stories to tell about what happened in the backyard! 

Like all cockatoos, Cocky was boisterous and cheeky, and also very intelligent. My great-grandparents were obviously well spoken, as Cocky did not swear (the closest he got was if he was really hungry / impatient, his "Cocky wanna nut" would progress to "I wanna nut" and then occasionally to what sounded like "I wanna narkin nut!").

There were many pieces of family history that were tied up in his habits - from calling "Where's Fred?" (calling my Grandma's brother in for dinner as a kid), to lowering his head and mumbling to himself like my Pop used to do while walking past Cocky's cage.cocky3

He had a naughty streak to him as well, and only had particular people he would allow to touch him. Any unsuspecting visitors would be lulled in with a request to "scratch Cocky", which was really just a trick so he could bite them! He even had an little chuckle he would do when he knew he was being naughty.

We thought a Durif was an appropriate wine to honour him with. Both could be described as very Australian, self-assured, bold, and definitely an extrovert. But also beautiful, nuanced, and surprisingly gentle.

Our 2013 Storyteller Durif has won a trophy (Best Other Red variety at the Victorian Wines Show 2014), 2 Gold medals and 11 Silver medals. A fitting tribute!

Cocky was a beautiful bird, and was dearly loved. He is now buried under a tree out the front of our Cellar door.

Rest In Peace Cocky.
1940 - Feb 28, 2013.