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Vintage 2019 has commenced!Chenin harvest 19

We've had an incredibly hot January, with a grueling 16 day run of 35+ degree temperatures, peaking at a mind-boggling 45.9 degrees. Fortunately this heat was early enough that it didn't bake the grapes on the vine (green, under-ripe grapes have a natural resistance to burning and shrivel), so we are still hopeful of a very good season, as long as the weather stays sensible for the next couple of months!

We picked our whites for sparkling last week, and we are very happy with how they look - we got them off in time, before they got too ripe and lost their nice natural acidity. It was during the heatwave, and we handpick everything, so we started at 6am and finished about 10am so that our workers weren't out in the heat of the day, and the grapes didn't come in too hot.

Due to well below average rainfall last year, our yields are down quite a bit (by more than half in some varieties since we don't irrigate), but there should be more intense fruit flavours in all our 2019 wines.

We are expecting our red harvest to start in mid February, so stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook for real time vintage updates!